Weight Loss, Exercise and Your Best Sex Ever

Published on Author MFLADMIN

What if I told you that there was a way – men and women – that you could improve your sex life and it didn’t involve any little blue pills nor would it offend even the purest of purists? Well there is a way, scientifically-medically-practically proven, to improve your sex life now and forever! It’s called “exercise” and 30 minutes per day three times each week could dramatically enhance this pleasurable aspect of your life.

The benefits of exercise exceed the health wonders of having a lower percentage of body fat, being in better cardiovascular condition, and simply feeling better because you look better. But yes, let’s not forget that point because attitude is often a huge part of the sexual equation. People do feel sexier when they think they look better and therefore they become more desirable and confident – bi-products of exercise.

But the real benefit is that your actual “performance” in said sexual activity – for women it applies more to the fact that they feel better when they look sexy and that translates to the bedroom. Feeling sexually desirable is in direct correlation to a woman’s ability to achieve the holy grail of sex – orgasm. For men their sexual health is tied to their ability to achieve and maintain and erection in order to satisfy their sexual partner. Their performance, or lack thereof, in turn, is most often caused by poor circulation – and most often remedied by exercise. Cardiovascular problems limit the blood flow in the body and poor blood flow, or circulation, to the penis will result in erectile dysfunction (ED). This is why it is said that there is a correlation between the size of a man’s waist and his chances of having ED. Greater odds of ED go hand in hand with a bigger waist because of poor blood circulation.

So “why bother?” one might ask – I mean who wants to have more sex anyway? If all of you haven’t raised your hands yet, read on.


Simply explained, “endorphins” are “feel good” hormones which are released during sexual activity. That stupid grin on your man’s face after performing a sexual act – don’t blame him, it’s not his fault, blame the endorphins. But the true beauty of these magical endorphins is that the more frequently endorphins are released, the easier it is to be aroused and achieve pleasure in the future. Ladies, are you paying attention here?

Endorphins are released during exercise and give you that ‘high’, and are also released during sex. So a woman who exercises already feels better, looks better, feels sexier, more desirable, and confident. Now on top of all that she is also more likely to reach orgasm during sex, and able to do so quicker, and with greater intensity . . . to the point she may even be inclined to have sex more frequently. Imagine that.

Now let’s not forget to eat right as well just so that all the pieces are in place. A healthy, well balanced diet will keep you energized for those late night romps and keep your immune system strong so no sick days have you stuck in bed for all the wrong reasons.