Calorie Counter – Use It To Lose It!

Published on Author MFLADMIN

A calorie counter is one of the most useful tools to help with your body recomposition goal is incredibly valuable, often free, yet priceless.

What is it? The ‘Lose It’ program for your iPhone or mobile device which tracks your calorie consumption on a meal-by-meal basis which is then summarized daily and weekly. Lose It! is a fantastic free (depending where you are and which smart phone you use) phone or web-based program that can help track your body recomposition goals by providing a detailed breakdown of what you eat on a daily basis in terms of overall calorie intake but takes it further by breaking that down to macronutrient ratios (protein-carbohydrates-fat) as both percentages and actual grams consumed.

I used to do something like this to find my average calorie consumption but it was an old school Excel spreadsheet set-up which did some of the same things but far less accurately nor as simply as the Lose It! app does. Lose It! also includes a wide variety of foods already in its system along with their associated macronutrient information. For those times that you go out to restaurants, a bevy of restaurants are also included with all the nutritional information you could want right at your finger tips. Brand name supermarket foods are also well accounted for, meaning almost anything you put in your mouth on daily basis is already there in the system.

For those items that you prepare yourself, Lose It makes it so easy to create Custom Foods which I use especially for meals that I consume on a regular basis. The nutritional information found on the packaging of your foods can be manually entered into the Lose It application and next time that you have that food again it is already there for you.

With Lose It! you are able to set a how many calories for weight loss based on your current and desired weights that you aim to consume on a daily basis and it will track your progress as the day goes on so you see how many calories are available to be eaten as the day wears on. Eating more calories than you have targeted for puts you in the ‘red’ but no worries, there are no alarm bells that sound. For those wishing to gain muscle and want to know what your calorie intake should be to allow for muscle growth, Lose It! also can help by allowing you to add a desired number of calories to your set daily calorie consumption set by the app.

You are also able to enter your exercise activities – yes, they even include a measure of calorie burned during “Sexual Activity” where you enter how long you “lasted” – and these calories expended are subtracted from your daily calorie count to get your net calories for the day. “My Day” documents how many calories you have eaten, how many more calories you can consume yet stay within the limits that you have set as targets, and the Nutrient section breaks it all down in terms of Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein. The “This Week” tab breaks the week down by showing each day as a bar graph and where you stand in terms of a weekly calorie budget. Your daily calorie intake to lose weight should be roughly 500 calories below than maintenance, but you can modify what the calorie counter sets.

Whether your aim is to gain muscle, lose weight, or maintain your current status, the Lose It! application replaces hours of work – and all for free, or darn close to it. Most days I strive for a calorie consumption of 2700 calories with 30% of those calories coming from healthy Fat sources, 40% from Carbohydrates and at least 30% from Protein. Download this fantastic app while it is still free, or use the web-based program. Lose It! takes all the guess work out of your body recomposition goals.