How To Lose Love Handles

Published on Author MFLADMIN

How to lose love handles is all about diet and exercise but with a little help designed specifically to free up those stubborn fat deposits. Love handles, as the fat sitting on the midsection of many men is not the type of fat that those hanging around 20-25% body fat (higher for women) are struggling with. Although the fat may be there at these body fat levels, it is not really noticeable.  This stubborn fat is the type of fat that you don’t even really know is there (at least to the eye) until you are dropping down to around 10% body fat. It is the fat that is the most difficult to lose and the last to go as you melt down to a single digit body fat percentage. For men you will find it in the abdomen area and “love handles” while for women it is most common in the lower body and sometimes arms.

The problem of course too is that you do not have to be ‘fat’ to have stubborn abdominal fat, you see ‘skinny fat’ people with this type of excess around their middles all the time. What happens is that fat accumulates where there are a higher number of receptors (alpha 1) that prevent fat breakdown, than there are receptors that initiate fat breakdown (alpha 2). So without getting to technical, there are more “receivers” (alpha 2) for fat cells to attach to than there are defenders (alpha 1) to knock them away. The result = fat accumulation.

To make matters worse, circulation is typically poor in these areas. Try touching your love handles and then another part of your body, often you can feel it is slightly cooler at your sides, why? Poor circulation. Poor circulation is a double whammy because in addition to the fat that resides, poor blood circulation means that fat burning supplements that are designed to lose love handles have a hard time arriving at the desired location because of poor blood flow. Getting rid of these trouble spots is not about how to lose weight quickly but rather about forcing these fat cells into circulation.

So what can a lean person with 8-10% body fat do to get that ripped lean look and lose love handles? First off we want to find a way to encourage the alpha 1 receptors to breakdown fat to initiate fat loss, and also shut down or block the work of the alpha 2 receptors that cause fat storage. Additionally, if we can increase blood flow to the problem areas have a better chance of freeing and therefore utilizing the fat cells as a source of energy during exercise.

Remember that the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn so this is a great starting point – create new muscle growth that will burn more calories even at rest. However at 10% body fat for men (maybe 14% for females) you need to do more – the fat that accumulates most is also the most difficult to lose. Lipolysis is the process whereby fatty acids are broken down and released to the body to be used for fuel (burned) and the way to encourage this is by increasing our body’s demand for energy.  The best way to do this, of course, is exercise for fat loss.

Increasing your level of exercise will improve blood flow to the problem areas, and will encourage the breakdown of fatty acids to be used as energy. Now as a person with so little body fat to start with, we can assume that you are already exercising. So where to look next? Exercise timing to maximize fat loss.

By performing some cardio in the morning, before a meal, is a good way to get at this stubborn fat. At that time your body has little to no fuel for energy after a nice 8 hour sleep, you are ripe for getting at those love handles and free those stubborn fat deposits. About 10 minutes of high intensity cardio followed by another 20 minutes of low paced (60% heart rate) work should be enough to do the trick. You do not want to over do it without any food intake yet, this is designed for safe weight loss. Some muscle breakdown is inevitable by choosing this path, but the aim here is eliminating those annoying love handles once and for all and takes hard work and sacrifice. The lost muscle can be gained back but the ability to lose stubborn fat once and for all is priceless and taking amino acids immediately after this exercise will help preserve lean muscle mass.

An equally productive path for fat loss is to perform a 15 minute bout of HIIT exercise right after your main weight lifting workout. Only do this with movements that use a body part other than the one you trained that day. Just 15 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training followed by 15 minutes of walking will free more fat from your love handles. Finally, wait 45-60 minutes before consuming your post workout meal, this time allows you to stay in a fat burning state for longer.

It’s not easy, and by no means is it fun. But being extraordinary takes no ordinary effort.