Sample Meal Plan: A High Protein, Low Fat Day

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After receiving many questions pertaining to how to eat properly, maintain a calorie deficit, meet your protein goals, and yet still manage to eat 5-6 times per day, I decided to share a sample day of ‘almost’ perfect eating. As most emails were from women now trying to figure out how to eat in a manner that coincided with their new found desire to add metabolism-raising fat-burning lean muscle mass, see below for a great day of meal planning with proportions having a 120-130 pound woman in mind. Herein you will see a sample of how to eat lower fat, receive a reasonable amount of carbohydrates necessary to push you through your intense weight lifting program while still providing all the delicious protein necessary in order to add pure muscle while feeling satisfied at each meal.

Obviously these numbers and portions can be massaged depending on your current weight and your weight or fat loss goals. Whether your goal is to maintain your current body fat percentage or seek fat loss, this sample plan sheds a little light on eating well with a higher protein diet designed for adding muscle. Remember that additional muscle will raise your metabolismand lower your overall percentage body fat. Let’s Eat!


Omelet made with:

1 whole egg (85 calories – 6gFat 0Carbs 7gProtein) and 1 egg white (17 cal – .25gF 0C 3.8P)

1 slice Fat Free Cheese (30 cal – 0F 2C 5P), tofu (66 cal – 3.5gF 1.8gC 7gP), tomato slices (3 cal – 0gF 1gC 0gP)

Coffee + Sweetener

200 Calories

SNACK (mid morning):

Quaker Stila Bar (90 cal – 1.5gF 16gC 2gP)

90 Calories

(Option: 1 slice Wheat Bread (66 cal – 1gF 12gC 2.75gP), 1tbsp low-fat Peanut Butter (90 cal – 6gF 5gC 3.5gP = 155 calories)


Tuna 4 oz can (120 cal – 2gF 0gC 26gP), 1tbsp Light Mayonnaise (50 cal – 5gF 1gC 0gP)

2 cups Salad (60 cal – 0.5gF 13gC 4gP) Lemon + Salt on top (or Low Fat/Fat Free Dressing)


230 Calories

(Option: substitute Tuna for 2 Turkey Wieners, low fat (80 calories – 2gF 6gC 10gP)

-Weight Training Workout with Intensity-


Protein Shake – 25g Protein (Powder) in 250ml Low Fat Milk (200 cal – 4.5gF 11gC 29gP)

200 Calories

SNACK (afternoon):

15 Almonds (104 cal – 9gF 4gC 4gP)

Green Tea + Sweetener

105 Calories


Grilled Chicken Breast, seasoned, skinless (140 cal – 3gF 0gC 27gP)

1 cup steamed Broccoli (55 cal – 0.5gF 11gC 3.5gP)

1/2 cup steamed Brown Rice (109 cal – 0.8gF 23gC 2.25gP)


(Option: substitute tuna for 4 oz Sirloin Steak (290 cal – 17gF 0gC 31gP)

305 Calories

Red Wine 4 oz (100 cal – 0gF 3.5gC 0gP)

100 Calories


1230 Calories

36.5 grams Fat

88.5 grams Carbohydrates

120 grams Protein

This plan can be adapted easily for men of course, just bump up the portion sizes and/or add a meal where a snack is and then move the snack to after dinner, before red wine. No, the red wine is not obligatory, and skipping it will save you 100 calories which you could use elsewhere or create a greater deficit depending on your individual current budget. Adding a slice of toast in the morning is not a bad idea as it will leave you feeling full for sure, and bigger healthy breakfasts are tied to fat loss. Personally I would swap places of the rice at dinner for the salad at lunch. This way I get the carbohydrates in my system earlier in the day so we have more time to burn them off throughout the day when we are likely more active, but that’s just me. Steak, or a lean ground beef patty, is a great choice at night as it takes longer to go through your system so it can leave you feeling satiated through the night.

Coffee and Green Tea both provide fat loss benefits in terms of their thermogenic effects and caffeine has been proven to assist in workouts, otherwise it is water until we reward ourselves with a glass of wine. As a general rule I don’t drink calories aside from what you see above. All told we are eating 6 times in the day yet still managing to eat maintenance level calories or even creating a caloric deficit.

Questions and suggestions are always more than welcomed! Hope this helps.