Maximize Your Training Results, Immediately, With This One Change

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It isn’t often that I will be here endorsing a product, and never one that I dodn’t personally use, but I recently purchased a pair of Versa Gripps Weight Lifting Straps and have improved my lifts on some pushing movements and all pulling movements as a result.

In the past I went to the gym just me and my old-school bare hands pushing and pulling weight around without much thought to my hands and wrists. What I loved about not using gloves was my ability to “feel” the weight and sensed I had more control and connection on lifts. The negative aspect however was my callused, beat up hands that took time to recover and also some mild wrist pain at times.

So I moved from bare hands to buying a set of padded weight lifting gloves. This lasted a mere few weeks however as I simply missed the feel of the weight and too much padding in the palm gave me an uneasy feeling that I wasn’t in control of the weight. So back to bare hands it was, but then came the occasional wrist aches agains.

Onto wrist wraps I went and was very pleased with them as the ones I bought – by ‘Grizzly’ (their ‘fitness power training wrist wrap’) – provided a ton of support in the wrist, did not impede my natural movements much and allowed me to still feel the weight that bare hand lifting allows. Of course, bare hands still turned into hands that were not pleasant to be touched by.

The latest piece of equipment and hopefully the final piece of the puzzle are the Versa Gripps Weight Lifting Straps (Classic) that I have now. It has been roughly a month since I started using them and I am pleased as can be. The wrist support of the strap is perfect as it locks my wrist when required yet allows more freedom of movement than the wrist wraps I had previously purchased. Because they are lifting straps, as opposed to a glove that covers most of you hand, I still have all the feel of the weight in the fingers yet with the same palm protection that a (bulky) glove had provided. They are simple and easy to use, stabilize your wrist when necessary, protect against the ills of carpal tunnel, allow the feel that most enjoy when lifting, are versatile to use with any pushing/pulling movement, and still protect your hands.

Finally, the biggest benefit to me has been that I never ever end a lift because of grip failure or grip fatigue – my grip never gives out anymore due to the stress of the weight on my hands or wrists. When I fail or fatigue it is always muscle fatigue so my workouts are performed to the maximum intensity and results. My Power Lifting (compound growth) movements and most pulling exercises such as the Deadlift have seen great improvement thanks to the Versa Gripps. When you start moving decent amounts of weight and have to stop because you feel your grip failing and the bar slipping, you are cheating your body of its maximum effort, stimulation, results and potential.

The mind-muscle connection is an important aspect when training with weights and Versa Gripps allow that yet with all the protection of gloves, the stability and support of wrist wraps, and the power lifting potential that straps provide.

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