Food-Fueled: Fat Loss by Eating Frequently

Published on Author MFLADMIN

Here is an example of a typical day-in-the-life, detailing how I eat in order to stay fueled and ready for what the day might bring. This was my day today – staring by waking up a bit late, as I often do wake up later and stay up later – and what I consumed and when. Many people feel that eating often is difficult in terms of their daily activities but I don’t see it. By eating more frequently I can trade my lunch “hour” for a series of smaller food “breaks” and keep my metabolism on fire. My job also enabled me to start work later in the day today, but juggling the schedule times around while fitting in time to eat is easy enough. Upon waking I always throw down at least 8 ounces of water.

9:00 – 1 slice whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp peanut butter + coffee

10:30 – Omelet – 1 egg, 1 egg white, tofu, 1 slice low fat cheese, tomato

12:00 – Pre-workout shake

1:00 – Work out

2:30 – Post-workout shake

I always try to limit my workouts to 1 hour or less – any more and the old economics rule of the ‘law of diminishing returns’ applies. That is the more you exercise the less benefit you receive after around 50 minutes of intense exercise.

3:30 – Three-quarters chicken breast, baked + 3/4 cup rice

4:30 – Medium orange

5:30 – 3 1/2 ounces sirloin steak + 3/4 cup rice

7:30 – Three-quarters chicken breast + 2 cups salad (lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, low fat dressing)

9:30 – 1 cup spaghetti + low fat turkey sausage

11:00 – 10 almonds + 4 ounces red wine

(The can of tuna goes everywhere with me – in case of emergency)

As you can see above, I easily manage to eat 6-8 times with some snacks in there as well for good measure. Almonds and peanut butter are fantastic sources of heart-healthy fats and protein. Chicken is a great low fat option with solid muscle-building protein content, skinless and baked makes for perfect preparation. I eat a salad at least once per day, every day, usually with a can of tuna (no mayonnaise) or boiled eggs on top – low fat 1000 Islands dressing in case you were wondering. Turkey sausage is low fat and a great addition to any carbohydrates as you add the protein with little to no fat added. Short on broccoli today but usually have some with either the chicken or steak.

Yes, a glass of red wine to end the night. I have convinced myself, right or wrong, that the heart health benefits of red wine and the antioxidant reservatrol contained in red wine outweigh the negative impact of consuming alcohol (in a very small dose of course).