Thermogenics for Fat Loss – Feel the Burn, It Works!

Published on Author MFLADMIN

It seems everyone is always looking for “weight-loss in a  bottle” or super-pill that can deliver rapid fat loss with little to no side effects or repercussions. There are many such products on the market and it is  a great concept these thermogenic fat burning pills. It is an idea so neat that  I want to say it actually works, and to be honest, the good news is that it often does!

Fat loss in a pill is possible by taking thermogenic tablets because they are sound in their reasoning that they actually do what they say they will. Now let’s make one thing clear – they may not work to the degree that the writing on the bottle claims – but if you are looking for fat loss or are trying to bust past a plateau in your fat loss goals, they can help. One condition here is that you have to be exercising and putting in the work. I personally only recommend a thermogenic when you have exhausted all other measures and have hit a sticking point. Sitting back on the sofa looking  at your belly and cheering “go pill go!” while digging to the bottom of a bag of potato chips just won’t do the trick.

Why they work?

Thermogenic aids work in that they are designed to help increase your metabolism by raising the body’s core temperature. Stimulating the metabolism results in more calories being burned and those calories being burned in turn give you energy. When more calories are burned (higher metabolism) than consumed, the body looks for calories via stored energy, which we know as “fat”. Because the body is then being fed by the stored fat calories, often times the residual effect is that the dieter actually eats less because the appetite is being satisfied by the fat that is being burned.

It is important here to understand exactly what a calorie is, many people can talk about how many calories they ate, or how many they burned, but what exactly is a “calorie”? defines a calorie as:

1 – an amount of heat exactly equal to 4.1840 joules

2a – a unit equal to the kilocalorie, used to express the heat output of an organism and the fuel or energy value of food. 2b – a quantity of food capable of producing such an amount of energy.

As you see above all this talk about “calories” is related to heat, fuel, energy, and food. Thermogenics come into play because they raise your body temperature and metabolism. For your body to maintain that rise in heat the fuel must come from somewhere – and it comes from excess fat (assuming you have some to spare).

While this all sounds fantastic there are side effects which vary from person-to-person and each individual must asses there need and tolerance for thermogenic pills. Caffeine, green tea, guarana, and hydroxycitric acid are just a few natural fat burners available and your tolerance level to these is key. Some people will have trouble sleeping if taken too late while others may have temporary stimulation of the nervous system if they take these pills on an empty stomach, etc. All manufacturers are obligated to advise that their products should only be taken after your physician has
been consulted.

It is important to realize that whether or not you maintain your weight/fat loss is entirely up to you. Once you discontinue the pills, if you begin to consume more calories than your body needs, you will gain the weight back. However, if you only meet your required calories you can maintain the new weight. Furthermore, by continuing to create a caloric deficit by exercise and reducing your calorie intake, it is entirely possible that you can continue to lose fat.

Finally, thermogenic aids only work for a short period of time, must be discontinued so your body gets back to its normal functions, and then can be used again. A few weeks at a time is acceptable, then off for say a month, then back on.

Remember, in the absence of exercise these thermogenic fat burners will only be a waste of money with no benefit to your waist.